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Pyramid Valley International, a serene valley surrounded by greenery and small hills, is the perfect place for going ‘deep within’ one self. The 28-acre campus hosts the world’s largest pyramid structure built solely for meditation. Towering 100 feet/ 30 meters tall – to the height of 10-storey building – the mega-pyramid is a silent abode of sacred energies that allows meditators to experience calmness pretty rapidly. The entire campus is dotted with high-energy spots for meditation and silence. In addition, you can attend one of the numerous talks, workshops and training that are conducted in the state-of-art training rooms.

Pyramid Valley Reopens from 26th Oct


Spend a few hours to an entire day indulging in deep meditation in the mega-pyramid and experience other key places and activities


Attend workshops, training programs and conferences on self-development and self-discovery covering body, mind and soul.


Take a break from your daily grind and spend a few days in silence and solitude amidst the serene surroundings and energy spots.

“Pyramids are the most stable structure, and one which receives the highest Cosmic Energy on this Planet Earth.”

Brahmarshi Pitamaha Patriji

“An inferior person is the one who attacks animals for no reason, for sake of pleasure. Your enlightenment consists in giving love and affection to every animal.”

Brahmarshi Pitamaha Patriji

“Meditation is the foundation of spirituality. When the foundation is strong, stronger is the super structure”

Brahmarshi Pitamaha Patriji


Meditation is very very easy…
The practice of Meditation is very simple and straight forward:
1. Sit comfortably on the floor or on a chair. Cross your feet, Clasp your fingers, Close your eyes.
2. Bring your attention onto your Breath.
3. Observe your normal, natural breath as you inhale and exhale.

Meditate for a minute corresponding to every one year of your age. So, if you are 20 years of age, start with twenty minutes of Meditation every day.

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Wisdom Sessions @ Pyramid Valley

Weekend Wisdom sessions

Relish your weekend through Master Classes, Global Master talk and Guided Meditation.

Meditation for Beginners

Join us online every day @ Music Meditation for Beginners

Spiritual Programs

Participate in various spiritual programs during the weekdays

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Pyramid Valley is partly open for visitors. Entry is allowed from 10am to 2pm every day for a maximum of 200 people.